Markus Seifert

Your Auto Consultant

About Me

  I was maybe 3 years old when I started to love cars. I remember my Dad's second car and me trying to talk him into his V4 Ford - and ever since I have been hooked. I eat, sleep and breathe cars  That is why I have decided to dedicate my time to getting consumers the best car considering features, color, make and budget.

    My experience is that is no one to represent the buyer interest in a stressful situation.  In order to be independent and absolutely neutral I do not work for any dealer or car company, but for the consumer.  I have been negotiating for friends and family for many years and thought I would start offering a service to the public.  That is why I am starting this new segment in the car market, a Auto Consultant. As a Auto Consultant, I serve as a go-between the buyer and the dealer. When negotiating, I can stay level headed as I am not emotionally attached to the car, as a consumer may be and thereby end up paying more for the car than they need to.  My job is to be neutral to the situation, and get the buyer best price. 

  Today's cars and trucks offer more and more feature most of the owners don't know about them -  or don't have the time to introduce and set-up the automobile for your family. I am also offering a unique service to introduce all features, something that you won't get at most dealerships.

  Next time you are in the market for a new car, contact me and I will find and negotiate the car of your dreams - based on your ideas and budget at a great price.